Finding other people who are not influenced by the mainstream trends is so frustrating! I hear ya. 

Let me assure you, I'm all about being different. There's no cliche exercise, yoga or special diets here - but that's OK if you like them!!

If these work for you, great! 
But if you're ready to find yourself and health it your way, stick with me.

If you're like most people work I with, you are often saying you need to do something about your slightly expanding waistline or your late night snacking habits. But when you actually start to do something about it, you give up way too easily, mostly because the approach you are taking is an all-in one!

Breaking industry rules & norms, doing away with restrictive, all-in approaches
without overlooking what experts are saying, I find my own way to get the results I want - and prove to others it's possible without the latest fads and trends!

That's why I'm not a rebel, I'm a Healthy Rebel.

Join me in a rebellious stance to health it your way and start finding new and exciting ways to enhance your health and stick to those goals.

Not sure exactly how to start to HEALTH IT YOUR WAY?

How about grab my 10 tips to add
more movement into your day to get
you started?

About me

Hi! I’m Kaye-Marie, born and bred in New Zealand.

I've always been on a path to be different.
Right from an early age I was choosing the lesser known options. Trying out different stuff to avoid going with the crowd. Being a rebel, within my limits of course.

With a Bachelor in Sport & Recreation, 12 years of experience as a Health and PE teacher, I pivoted to coaching & Pilates when life changed for me 5 years ago. I let go of my home & career but didn't forget my identify, passion & beliefs.

I want to motivate you to stand up and take action towards your health goals, to promote the message of 'health it your way' because too many of us get lost in the sea of mainstream bullshit. I teach effective, sustainable approaches and include the element of creativity and fun.

I advocate for no particular diet and am open to all physical activity preferences too! No judgement here, just a focus on results!

A seasoned traveller, eco-warrior and avid avoider of all things mainstream, I'm currently settled in Austria, Europe with my husband, daughter and dog.

Kaye-Marie is very knowledgeable in all aspects of health & wellbeing, and has a very easy-going personality. There is always a “feel good” vibe during & after our video chat sessions. I would highly recommend her!

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