***Due to the current Covid-19 Lockdown situation, as of Monday 17th December 2021,
Pilates classes with go on hold until 10th January 2022.
All pre-paid courses and 8x cards will be paused, until the studio reopens.

Thank you for your suppport during this time.***


Group class: casual / one-time
60 mins, max. 6 people in class


Group class: 8x pass
Valid for 3 months after purchase


1:1 private class: casual / one-time
60 mins, personalised training


1:1 private class: 5x pass
Valid for 3 months after purchase


Group class timetable:
Monday: 6:30pm
Wednesday: 6:30pm

Pilates & Kuchen:
Sat 15th January 2022
30 min class followed with coffee, cake & chat!

Pilates für Anfänger:
Next course: Mon 31st January 2022
5 week course

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was a man ahead of his time, who through his own struggles, developed a system of movements that benefited not only the body, but the also mind. First introduced in America in 1927, Joseph Pilates taught his methods to a number of dancer/performers, who have now continued to carry on his legacy.

There are a number of different schools of Pilates, and as a result, each has a slightly different style based on what Joseph Pilates taught that person uniquely. Having been trained by BASI Pilates, My approach is from a classic stance, however BASI integrates modern, scientific advancement to maximise the benefits for students.

a way of life

Pilates is a workout that not only help build strength in the body but also have a functional purpose in everyday life. The creator, Joseph Pilates, saw this programme as
a way of life, rather than just standalone exercises. A good example would be to bend over and pick something up of the floor. So many people struggle to do that swiftly and efficiently, but when the muscles are strengthen to do simple tasks like this, you can do it without effort.

A holistic practice

Pilates has a holistic approach, similar to Yoga, Martial Arts etc where mind needs to connect with body to allow you to ‘feel’ the muscles you are using. For example, I could just tell you to do a sit up and you would do it, but how you do it is important. Focusing on the right parts of your body is important so that its not just your abdominals working, but other muscles too. Of course, the more you practice Pilates, the more you learn to connect mind and body.

increases strength & mobility

In terms of results, it’s a combination of increased strength and mobility. It’s slower paced than other workouts like bootcamps or boxing circuits, as you aren’t running around all over the place, but can still be just as demanding. Unlike Yoga, where there is a lot of holding poses in one position, Pilates requires you to move. When you’re in the right position, some of the simplest movements are challenging!


Being designed as a way of life, people often find their posture naturally improves. Muscle imbalances can be corrected. Tension in the body is released. You can breathe easier. Muscle tone is developed. You won’t walk out dripping in sweat like after a cardio workout, but you will definitely feel like you’ve had a workout. 


There are a number of small pieces of equipment that we can use in mat classes – therabands, foam rollers, big swiss balls, little balls, magic circle to keep it interesting and set different challenges….  

Whether in a group or on your own, with friends or potential new ones - it's a way to incorporate extra social outings into your week! 


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