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Plan, Prep, Prioritise!

12 week nutrition & wellbeing programme with realistic steps towards better food & lifestyle choices!

Want to feel more energised, successful and confident in you daily choices around food?

Tired of restrictive diets that leave you frustrated when you can't sustain their demands?

Need an approach to your health and wellbeing that is functional and flexible alongside other daily demands?

Plan, Prep, Prioritise! was designed with the woman-of-the-house in mind. 

A working gal, who is a loyal employee, a loving mum and partner and of course the Jill-of-all-trades!
Whether it's getting kids ready for weekly practices and lessons, meeting deadlines and demands at work, getting groceries and meals, showing up daily for everyone else around you...

no wonder you have no time to prioritise yourself!

You can't drink from an empty cup anymore. You're tired of eating the way you are, you're tired of worrying about your weight gain or inability to shift from where you are now and you're tired of putting your needs last.

Now is the time to take control of your health and wellbeing. 

Plan, Prep, Prioritise! will show you:

how to set yourself up for success when it comes to deciding what to eat - without adding any separate meals or extra work for yourself

the importance of having a plan each week to support you in your goals

the importance of preparation on a daily and weekly basis

how to know exactly what to eat to reach or maintain YOUR goals

how your whole wellbeing will improve by implementing these simple habits

the power of habit building to create lasting, sustainable changes to your life

Growing up, I was affected by the world of dieting too. 

The fear of not looking the way I should and watching the influential women in my life go through this drama. , I did everything I could to make sure I didn't eat this or that and exercised regularly.

It kind of worked, until I became a mum.

In 2019, I went back to work after being on maternity leave with high expectations that being a mum wouldn't change my work habits. Low and behold, I kept up with work, tried to make time for family but my eating and exercise went completely out the window! Who has times for that?! After being unwell for 4 months and eventually burning myself out, I knew what the problem was. 

I knew I wasn't making the choices around food, exercise and my own wellbeing.

Having a background in health already, I knew I needed to make changes but with support and meaning. I trained as a nutrition coach and coached myself alongside my learning.

The change was unbelievable. 

Habit changes, rather than dieting. Eating more, rather than less. Returning to my 'pre-mum' ways of planning and preparing + this new acquired approach meant I had more time for me, I've had one short-lived cold since and unexpectedly lost weight I never knew I could!

I knew I had to share this with others. I want to show other women-of-the-house, that it is possible to make healthy, sustainable choices around food without dieting and restricting. To not only feel confident in their choices but to be role models for those around them.

That is why I created Plan, Prep, Prioritise! 

To show you it's not only about what you eat. 
It's about how you approach it, your relationship with yourself and your confidence to make your own decisions.

Plan = planning meals, planning goals, planning physical activity, planning life

Prepare = preparing food, preparing yourself, preparing for setbacks, preparing for life

Prioritise = prioritising what you eat, prioritising time, prioritising the good things in life, prioritising you

Within the 12 week programme:

Weeks 1-4: Plan, prepare and prioritise YOU! Organise your meals and your schedule to make it work . We can't put new habits into place if we don't have a system to make them work. We learn all about this here.

Weeks 5-9: Plan, prepare and prioritise food!  Discover which foods are best for you by learning about the different macronutrients we need for optimum health, how much of each you personally need as well as your family and easy ways to incorporate each into your day.

Weeks 10-12: Plan, prepare and prioritise life! Create support systems and long-term approach to creating lasting habits. We change the way you look at yourself and the world and come away feeling empowered to succeed and show others a well informed approach to nutrition.

What do you get?

12x group video calls, where we introduce the topic for the week, set tasks and focus on one thing at a time. Plus the recording to look back through or view if you can't attend the live call.

2-3 x extra 5 min lessons to do on-the-go each week to keep your head in the game

Daily text messages to check-in, motivate and inspire you throughout the day! 

12x weekly Q&A sessions to answer anything you're unsure about - awesome!

A small, supportive group of like-minded women going through their own journey but wanting to make long-lasting changes JUST LIKE YOU!


not only do you get all those great things already listed, but you also get these 3 bonuses too:


a VIP option:

Need more 1:1 support? 

I totally get it! So that's why I'm offering a few limited spots for 4x private 30 min calls with me!

You can use these whenever you like throughout the course.
Use them for more guidance at the beginning, save them for the end when you might have questions about going forward or use them for those times you're struggling or need some troubleshooting during the course.
Sign up for these at the checkout!

Don't just take my word for it......

I would highly recommend Kaye-Marie. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of health & wellbeing, and has a very easy-going personality. There is always a “feel good” vibe during & after our video chat sessions.

TD, 1:1 client


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