1:1 coaching options

Health it your way!
60 min Kickstarter

60 min health coaching consultation where you come away with a personalised plan to use to get you on your healthy rebel way!

   Good if you:    
- want strategies to implement on your own
- need a one-off, quick fix to get (back) on track
- already know you have something specific to focus on
- want to see how it is working with me!


Health it your way!
4 week Intensive

4x 60 min health coaching calls, personalised to your needs to get cracking on your health goals. Daily support, tips and /or check-ins to keep you focused.

  Good if you:
- are 100% ready, willing and able to make some fun, easy changes to your daily & weekly routine
- love a challenge
- like to dive into things and learn lots straight away
- love the idea of daily contact and someone pointing their finger at you, reminding you of your goal

Health it your way!

A rolling monthly package that starts and ends when you choose. Why tie yourself into a long-term package when you don't know if that's the right for you? Life happens! I get it.

2x 60 min coaching calls, personalised to your needs and a pace that suits you.

Good if you:
- want to make some changes but know you can't guarantee you'll be able to commit to a weekly call
- have already tried the 4 week intensive and want continued support for a while
- you just want to take things slow at your pace 

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